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​​MSDO SERVICES CO. Est. 2006 window CLeaning

Officially established in 2006 MSDO Services Co. has additional years of experience with it’s crew servicing throughout New Jersey for 10 years in GUTTER CLEANING, WINDOW CLEANING, POWER WASHING and PAINTING. 

window washer in Summit. Window Cleaning. Window cleaning, gutter cleaning in Summit.

window cleaning, gutter cleaning in Summit. window washer in Summit. Window Cleaning 
We work in the Tri-state Area but most of our regulars customers are located on Summit, Chatham, Madison, Livingston, Morristown, Long Branch, Bricks Twp, Lakewood, Warren, Bridgewater, etc,.

MSDO Services prides itself in delivering professional and polite ethical work.

We especialize:

GUTTER CLEANING: We always try to be fair with the customers providing the service on the right time of the year after the trees around the property are clean after Spring and Fall. We repair and install gutters when needed.

WINDOW WASHING: We highly recommend to clean the windows at least once a years to avoid water marks on the glass, seals and also get rid of bugs, dirt, and pollen. Our regular customers most of the time need the service twice or more a year. We handle all type of windows, doors, panels, skylights, lanterns, lamps, chandeliers, and more.

The service consist in washing and removing any stain(paint, bugs, etc.) from the glass inside and outside as well as removing and cleaning the screens and seals.


POWER WASHING: MSDO is equipped with professional pressure washing machines that use BIODEGRADABLE soaps and solutions to ensure there is no harm to your family, pets, or garden. We take care of ROOFS, DRIVEWAYS, PATIOS, SIDINGS, DECKS, SIDEWALKS, PAVERS, AND BRICKS.

PAINTING: Our paint crew is experienced to provide high end quality and detailed finish on every paint job - indoors or outdoor. We specialize in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Painting. We do patching, cover water marks, and also REMOVE WALL PAPER. We work with PAINTS (water base, oil base, acrylic etc,.) STAINS, EPOXY, POLYURETHANE, ETC.

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